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May the Kock be with you...
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12th-Jun-2009 07:22 am - Star Trek Parody Macros
may the Kock
So...I may have discovered roflbot. *cough* Anyway...

I've been thinking of making some macros using quotes from sarahtales brilliant Star Trek parody. Which you should all totally check out (if you haven't already), as it is hilarious.

Here, have some quotes in the form of macros.Collapse )

MORE!Collapse )
ETA: Added another version of the SpockPrime/Kirk macro with the entire exchange.
8th-Jun-2009 08:14 am - May the Kock be with you...
may the Kock
Think on the awesomeness of Star Trek. Think on the awesomeness of Star Wars. Imagine what they could do together!

Them hardcore fans of either may cringe and shudder, appalled at the thought of this unholy union. Abomination, they cry! But I will not be influenced by their illogical feud...I am in love!XD

The awesomeness of Star Trek/Star Wars, let me show you it!=D

But first, a quick explanation, so you don't think I'm completely crazy.

After watching the awesome Star Trek XI, I soon discovered that Kirk/Spock = Kock (clearly, the One True Pairing-Name). Naturally enough, this discovery was followed by a stream of Kock-jokes, eventually leading to a conversation that went something like this:

me: Everywhere I go, all I see is Kock!
me: Kock is omnipresent.
me: Kock is inside you and all around you. Wherever you go, your Kock is with you.
friend: ...man, that makes me think of the Force
friend: May the Kock be with you!XD

...And so an idea was born.

Without further ado, may I present...

The Lovechild of Star Trek and Star WarsCollapse )

So, the awesomeness of Kock and Star Wars combined! (Kock-Wars, if you will.) Who's with me?=D

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